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What to Expect

New Patients are welcome with or without a referral from a general dentist. Your first appointment will address your main reason why you are seeing us. We will undertake a detailed examination of your mouth and jaw structures. X-rays and digital photographs will be taken as needed as well as impressions (Molds) of your teeth. A personalized treatment plan will be formulated to be tailored to your needs and financial constraints. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out dental paperwork and to have all your questions answers.

What to tell your dentist

Your dentist needs to know everything that may help him or her diagnose problems or treat you appropriately. Tell your dentist:

Your Fears

Many people have fears of the dentist that go back to childhood. Pain control and treatment techniques change constantly. The things you fear most may not exist any longer, or there may be new and improved ways of dealing with them. If you fear you have a particular disease or condition, let your dentist know. He or she can look for signs and either diagnose the problem or set your mind at ease. Often, just talking about your fears will take some of the edge off.

Your Overall Health

Tell your dentist if you’ve been diagnosed with any diseases or are taking any new medicines. It is important to tell your dentist about all medicines you take. This includes those that have been prescribed by your physician and over-the-counter medicines. Even diseases that seem to be unrelated to the mouth may require a different approach to dental treatments or prevention.

Your Dental Health

If you think you have a new cavity, if your teeth have become sensitive or if you feel lumps inside your mouth, tell your dentist before the examination starts. Don’t wait to see if the dentist catches it or silently hope the dentist misses it. By telling your dentist your symptoms, you may help him or her make an early diagnosis.

Patient Forms

Please print and fill out these forms so we can expedite your first visit:
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