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The Problem

Jason came to our office with a front tooth feeling loose. After an exam Dr. Pete found that a previous root canal from years before had started to fail. The loose tooth had to be extracted and an implant placed.

Treatment procedure:

  1. A thorough examination
  • The first step of dental implant therapy is a discussion with us, followed by a thorough dental examination. The jaw is x-rayed to check the condition of your bone tissue and to determine the placement of the dental implant. An impression is made of your jaw and existing teeth, forming an important platform for the treatment.
  1. Placing the dental implant
  • There are two options for dental implant placement, depending on your clinical situation. In a single-stage procedure, the dental implant is placed and a temporary abutment is attached. For a two-stage procedure, the dental implant is inserted, covered by the gum tissue, and left to heal.
  • The possibility for a crown to be attached the same day the implant is placed is dependent on different considerations and varies for each patient.
  1. Attaching the abutment
  • Once the implant has fully integrated with the bone tissues:
    • In a single-stage procedure, the final abutment is placed and an impression is taken from which a dental technician will create a crown that will match your natural teeth in shape and color.
    • For a two-stage procedure, a second surgery is required to reveal the dental implant for abutment placement.
  1. Fitting and re-examination
  • When the crown is ready, it is simply attached to the abutment. This is usually followed by a few follow-up visits to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of your treatment.

Life Changing Results

Jason no longer has to deal with the feeling of a loose tooth or the concern that it may fall out. As a return client, Jason now sees us on a regular basis for his regular cleanings appointments.

Before & After

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